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The Securitas ePay is a name that requires no introduction for each worker working in a well-known company who is familiar with its specifications in the context of its online employee portal. Securitas has generated an online website or portal and is known as Securitas Epay. Securitas Epay is the best online portal, commonly recognized as a paperless-pay tax portal, which assists handle and check all details of the worker’s payroll.

Each worker may pay through the Securitas to acquire the Securitas Company’s service, and it also handles the payslips. The platform permits owners to stay online and check balance and even take their worker’s particular payroll. To address its foremost hegemony worldwide, Securitas ePay has provided the most excellent quality services to its customers or employees worldwide.

How to Access Security Epay Portal?

  • Go to the official website of Security Epay is
  • You will need the Social security number (SSN) after login into the Security Epay official portal.
  • After mentioning the Social security number (SSN), it will check the DOB information (date of birth), and DOB is your PIN.
  • Later, you are invited to reset the default pin.
  • When resetting the default PIN, you need to follow the conditions that comprise your password, and the PIN should be 6 to 8 numbers.
  • After signing in, choose one of the choices provided there.
  • It will provide some necessary information, such as personal information, paystub review, and income verification.
  • After completing the Security Epay login process, you are finished with the choice of security online pay work.
  • You may search for a paperless pay login page, which will invite you to mention your employer code.
  • After mentioning your employer code, it will navigate you to the Securitas Epay employer login page.

Main Advantages of Securitas Epay:

  • You will obtain information associated with payroll, which may be accessed anytime and every time as the facility is accessible 24/7 on the smartphone using Securitas Epay.
  • Workers may review their payroll before the date of remuneration transfer.
  • It may also provide you access to the last three years’ payment history.
  • Workers can use their complete payment with free check cash using any Visa bank in the nation.
  • It also provides a 24/7 hours facility for queries or explanations.
  • All customers will be given access to their expenses and other facilities of Securities ePay throughout the day and the week.
  • You may get the details of money from banks, and you may acquire cash at no price.
  • Every process included here concerning payment will be treated as private and will be handled safely.

Final Conclusion:

Securitas Epay will permit an applicant to maintain their direct payment accounts. You will need to have login details before you may access the Securitas Epay website or portal. You may deposit the money directly via the e-devices. If you want to know how to access the Securitas Epay portal, follow the above-provided simple steps. If you have any queries about the Securitas Epay and sign-in process, drop the question in the below-provided query box.


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